Why British weather is like a bad boyfriend

The British weather is just like the worst boyfriend. The kind that keeps you in a state of permanent insecurity over their intentions. ‘See you later,’ they say blithely on departing in the morning, a comment that could equally well mean after lunch, or sometime in the second half of the year. Our programming for disappointment is so deep that even during the recent weeks of sunshine it’s been hard to feel completely safe in making future plans. Supper tomorrow in the garden? A picnic next weekend? Is that hubristic? Should we have a plan B?

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M&S gets it right: Former Vogue Editor ALEXANDRA SHULMAN gives her verdict on Mark & Spencer's new autumn fashion collection

Daily Mail 17 June 2018

When the Daily Mail recently published my suggestions on what could be done to improve the ailing Marks & Spencer, my ideas garnered a huge response. Almost unanimously, readers wrote of their loyalty to the High Street store, but also their frustrations in navigating the swamp of clothes on offer and the difficulty in finding the great ones.

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'I can finally get pleasure from clothes now they're not my job': Alexandra Shulman on how she's dressing for life after the front row

The Telegraph 28 February 2018

When I left my job as editor-in-chief of Vogue last June, one of the most common pieces of advice I received was “you’ve got to get out of your pyjamas every day.” I would nod in understanding while thinking to myself, “are you crazy? That is the whole point. I’ve had 36 years of office life and now I am jolly well going to stay in those pyjamas if I feel like it.”

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